About Us

Spadina Piling Equipment (SPE) was established to provide high quality, reliable piling equipment for big and small projects.

With a long-history as marine piling contractors, we have continually designed and built equipment for contracts.

As most contractors in our industry know, there are so many variables in this type of work and  shopping this work out to just any fabricator just doesn’t work.

We also found sourcing the correct piling hammers or vibrators at the right price with good customer support is very hit and miss.

So we started Spadina Piling Equipment, to sell and hire a wide range of diesel and hydraulic hammers and vibrators.

Our hammers are ours. We found the right company that would build hammers to our strict specifications that  we know work.

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Tech Specs

Hydraulic Impact Hammer: New Environmental Series
This one of a kind, high efficiency piling equipment with easy to use operational capacity, low noise and less pollution. Spadina Piling Equipment's Hydraulic Impact Hammer is new and available for hire or purchase. Contact info@spadinapilingequipment.com.au today!
The latest new piling equipment, for hire or purchase. Simply click here and see Spadina Piling Equipment's extensive range.

Other Hire Equipment

Hydraulic Vibratory Hammer

Compact Design
High Efficiency
Movable Silent Pile Machine
YZY Series


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